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How long will doors from the Portland Carriage Door Company last?

Our shop in Portland borders some residential neighborhoods that were developed in the first part of the 20th century. Just about all of these homes had carriage doors at one point, and we receive many requests to either repair or replace them. The oldest set of doors we’ve seen so far was built in 1908 and it’s still going strong. 

What factors influence how long doors from the Portland Carriage Door Company will last? 

Carriage doors need to be built and installed correctly in order for them to last a long time. Although not always possible, they should have some protection from the elements–some type of roof or overhang to keep rain and sunshine at bay. In the absence of this protection, carriage doors probably will need to be painted in order to last a long time. In truth, we don’t see too many old stained carriage doors because their maintenance can become burdensome over the years. 

Is finishing available? 

For our local clients, we can arrange finishing services including priming, painting and staining. Customers living outside will receive their doors unfinished, so it’s critical that the doors are stored properly and finished promptly. 

How long before I get my carriage doors after I order them? 

When you place an order with the Portland Carriage Door Company, we’ll look at our schedule and give you an accurate date when your doors will be completed. Generally, carriage doors leave our shop within 8 weeks of placing an order and usually are another 3-7 days in transit depending on where you live.  

What types of wood do you use, and why? 

Our stain-grade carriage doors feature 1 3/4″ stiles and rails made from cvg Douglas Fir. The panels are solid cvg Doug fir. 
Our paint-grade carriage doors are made with cvg Doug fir stiles and rails and feature “Hydrotek” marine-grade plywood panels. 
Doug fir has many attributes that make it superior material for exterior doors. The wood is uncommonly straight and stable, as well as pest and rot resistant. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that western Oregon is crammed full of these trees so we’re able to get the best pricing and pass the savings along to our customers. 

Are carriage doors difficult to install? 

No. Most builders and carpenters can install our carriage doors, though we do recommend using two people to handle and hang the doors. Of course, you can order our doors as slabs (just the doors). But most of our carriage doors come “prehung.” They’ve already been fitted to their hinges and sized to their jambs and thresholds. Of course, we include excellent instructions and customer support. 

How can I tell if my project a good candidate for carriage doors? 

Carriage doors can be installed on most existing structures as long as the framing is solid and plumb. If you intend on using a threshold, the ground must be level within 1/4″, or some type of curb should be installed. In the absence of a threshold, door bottom sweeps can be a good option. 

Is it possible to use an automatic opener on carriage doors? 

Yes. Just ask for our current recommendations..