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Our Process

Interested in a genuine carriage door from the Portland Carriage Door Company?

Please call or email to get complete pricing, lead times and up-to-date shipping information. 

For customers living in the Portland area, we are happy to visit your project to determine if our carriage doors are a good fit. We can supply complete cost estimates that include shop drawings and photos as well as descriptions of all hardware, jambs, thresholds, weatherstripping etc.  

Once you’re satisfied with the estimate and design, we’ll draw up a work order and give you a precise schedule for the completion of your carriage doors. In general, our lead time is approximately 8-12 weeks. Spring and summer are our busiest times so lead times may rise. Fall and winter are a great time to order. 

Then fun really starts–it’s time to start building! 

Each set of carriage doors door is built from beginning to end by trained craftspeople who take real pride in what they do. No assembly lines here! 

Carriage doors crafted by the Portland Carriage Door Company don’t leave the shop until they’ve been carefully inspected. When your doors are completed and ready to ship, we’ll notify you and give an estimated date of delivery. 

But our job doesn’t stop there. If we’re installing the doors, you can rest assured that the job will be completed right and on time. If you or your builder is doing the installation, know that we’ll make every effort to ensure success by providing easy-to-understand instruction, tips, and troubleshooting support.

The Portland Carriage Door Company — delivering Beauty, Simplicity and Value.